How Matcha Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

But how does it work? It’s a thing called thermogenesis, which is your body’s rate of burning calories. Thermogenesis is when your body temperature raises, such as during exercise, which increases your metabolism. When this increase occurs, your body breaks down food faster and burns through your body’s stored fat and sugars at a very high right. Your body’s regular thermogenesis is 8-10%, however, consuming Matcha boosts your thermogenesis rate to an impressive rate of 35-40%.

Our premium grade Matcha is a an affordable and versatile option for those of you looking to burn calories and keep the weight off. Use it in smoothies, shakes, salad dressings, lattes, just check out our recipes for countless great ways to consume Matcha.

Order today and get:

  • FREE UK delivery
  • Secret recipes emailed to you every month
  • Exclusive customer offers
  • 10% Off your first order (use discount code: matcha spring)



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